Manta Pro TE


Manta Pro Team Edition Boards

You asked for it and now you can get it! The ultra light, ultra stiff, top of the line racing board is here! The super- trick Manta Pro Team Edition offers no compromise for any racer.
New sizes for 2010 are the Manta 65 and 75. With the PWA pro tour requiring 3 boards and 6 sails, the Tabou test team decided to ad some sizes to have all the bases covered. The Manta 64 is replaced with the 65- A little more volume to be able to handle lighter winds. The Manta 75 borrows features from the 79 and 69 and fits right in the middle. With the success of the team, these boards are guaranteed to impress anyone that steps foot on them!

The complete Manta Pro Team Edition range of boards are now available with ultra trick Carbon- The 3K Carbon deck ads stiffness and takes the Manta to a new level. The space tech UD 80 bottom layup gives you a lightweight and very strong bottom that can take a beating without changing the shape of your board! A new special SLX sandwich construction has been developed specifically by Fabien Vollenweider to enable a lighter deck that gets the board to move faster and faster. The lightweight deck allows the board to trim higher and settle into top speed quicker than ever!
For those who want the best in the business, look no further than the 2010 Manta Pro Team Edition boards!

Ross Williams

I know what it takes to win- I work hard for it everyday and am excited to get these boards on the racecourse in 2010!!