Same shape/same design as the LTD just built for the average cruiser that wants a great board. The perfect balance of strength to weight ratio makes this full PVC sandwich structure our most popular construction – strong enough to take some abuse and light enough to keep you smiling!


  • Standard construction: The best balance of strength to weight ratio. A combination of Glass with a PVC sandwich make it stronger longer
  • Newly designed 115 and 135- more planing and better top end speed
  • The NEW smoothed Rocker Line gives quicker acceleration. New outlines combined with a small winger on the tail give unmatched top end and life to these new designs
  • Rocket 135 has increased its length for smoother planning
  • Increased double concave entry in the nose area to prevent hitting chop and smooth out the ride
  • Integrated heel cushions
Tabou Shaper

This board works for everybody- we have developed a perfect construction that delivers durability and performance all right here in the standard construction.