Once again, Tabou leads the way down a new road for freestylers… Tabou Twin Fin Freestyle Technology. A new revolution that will set new standards in the world of tricks! Get planning more quickly, get up wind faster and impress the judges with all the spin moves you can think of…


  • Tabou Twin Fin Technology on Twister 80 & 90 & 100
  • Dom Deck


FACTS for the new Twister 100

  • Optimized shape for twin fin with bigger sails
  • Shorter to ease spinning
  • New tail for better planning and better performace while moving backwards
  • New low rocker line
  • New compact outline
  • New tail with small step
  • Comes with Dom Deck too
Tabou Shaper

We have been playing with a twin fin freestyle board for a while. Thomas and Antony have been using very small singe fins and had a hard time getting planning and staying up wind- we put two fins in there and suddenly we got some power to plane. Now you get moving faster and can spin just like you would with one of those extra small contest single fins that can’t go upwind. A win win situation!