You better be ready when you jump on this board. The Rocket will take you to new levels of performance with no questions asked. Step on the board and you will instantly feel right at home. Comfortable deck shape, a fast rocker line and perfect rails make this one of the easiest,fastest and most fun freeride shapes in the world!-



  • Wider outline to give quicker instant acceleration
  • Increased double concave entry in the nose area To prevent hitting chop and smooth out the ride
  • Widepoint moved forward for improved turning characteristics: Lock in to a turn like never before
  • Compact platform: That gives stability in the light winds and maneuverability in the high winds
  • New Footstraps: Easy adjustment with new anti twist screw / washer
  • Standard Edition: “Performance / Durability”: The best balance of strength to weight ratio. A combination of Glass with a PVC sandwich make it stronger longer.