f you are serious about making your freestyle moves, look no further. Our Freestyle board is the best in the business- with the success of our team riders all the way to the weekend warriors; anybody who rides this board is amazed. The moves get easier and easier and you feel like a rock star after your first trick.

More range and ease of use for the bigger guys with the new 107 – easier planing and more control in the aerial tricks. The 80, 90 and 100 remain unchanged from last years success. Standard box fin allows for great adaptability in a variety of conditions- you can move the fin to suit your style.



  • New 107 liter model
  • Double Deck Technology


Makes the wide boards feel more comfortable as well as increase strength and stiffness

  • New Footstraps


Easy adjustment with new anti twist screw / washer

  • Available in Team Edition construction only