Manta FR


The board many of you have been waiting for has arrived. We have taken the blazing fast Manta shapes and the superb Rocket LTD lay up and combined them into one board. The Manta FR.

If you are looking for ultimate speed and ease of use, you just found it. The Manta FR has the same rocker line as the race proven Manta. This guarantees the speed while the footstrap positions give you options to go further in to the center of the board for easier control and turning. You can set the board up however you like – go blazing fast in the flat water with your straps outboard or put them in for more radical conditions. A board with this many features allows you to dial in the perfect setting for what you need.

The outline remains the same as the Manta, construction is the same as the Rocket LTD and the graphics take on a stealth silver look. A G-10 fin is included from the T-Lab Factory- tested and ready to break all limits. Get your hands on the Manta FR today!