This 3 in 1 board gives you everything. A one shot wonder that jumps, jybes, rides waves and does freestyle moves while being able to keep up with the freeriders… The 3S turns like a Pocket, with the speed of the Rocket!

What more could you ask for?

One of the greatest all rounder’s available the 3S keeps getting better!

FACTS for the new 96 & 106

  • More Wave orientated
  • New rocker for early planning and speed
  • New outline for manoeuvrability and control
  • Square tail for more snapy top turn
  • New rail shape for more grip in the curve
  • Heel cushions in pads for more comfort


FACTS for the 86

  • Changed from US to Power box for improved top speed and planning
  • Heel cushions in pads for more comfort
Tabou Shaper

Our mission was to get more wave riding performance out of the bigger sizes. We played around with some new ideas and found the perfect solution- a board that gets planning super early, goes fast and turns like a wave board.