When you want to go out in any condition, the Windstyler delivers. No wind, no problem. Work on maneuvers, improve your tacks and increase time on the water! When the wind picks up, the board gets planing! You can always make it back to the beach on the Windstyler! A proven shape since inception, this board puts a smile on anyone’s face!

Fabien Vollenweider says

I spent a lot of time learning about the original one design windsurfer. We had so many people on the water back in the early days…. the wind was light and everyone was out there. I wanted to recreate this feeling in a new progressive shape that would allow for the board to get planing… One board to cover any wind condition within reason!


This cruising machine has a 100% EVA deck that gives comfort to your feet. When the wind is super light, it is great for freestyling around or bringing the family on board. Once the wind picks up, the Channel pipings on the tail ease the water release making this “longboard” a planing machine! It truly is a sensation to ride.


AST (Technology of very thick fiber with foaming resine)

Bottom line

If you want a board that can get you out on the water no matter what, this is your choice!

A perfect learning board. easy to use, planes in very light wind, quick learning success (steering, footstrap, planning technique). Great Family and/or School/Center board.