Manta FR


Fast & Fun

Fast freeriding is all about control and this is what you get with the finely tuned Manta FR. You get lots of options with footstrap inserts that allow you to go inboard, outboard, upboard or downboard… You can dial this board into almost any condition! This range of boards comes from the Manta race line and implements the Rocket style of riding to the set up. A fast, no compromise racing rocker line combined with ultimate tune-ability for the rider, you won’t find a better combo! Wait till you ride it…

Fabien Vollenweider says

Sometimes you want to go fast and turn with ease. The Manta FR is perfect for that. Not everyone races on the PWA tour nor demands sailing overpowered all the time. The FR gives options so you can set the board out just how you want it!


Utilizing the same shape as the world class Manta boards, the FR has multiple footstrap options. You can set the board up for race mode or freeride mode by moving inboard or outboard. The anatomic pads offer the most comfortable ride out there. Combine all this with the latest and greatest fin from the T-LAB factory and you have a winning combination.


Carbon Biax Sandwhich (Carbon on deck)

Bottom line

If you are looking for ultimate speed and ease of use, you just found it. Using the race approved Manta shapes this guarantees the speed while the footstrap positions give you options to go further in to the center of the board for easier control and turning. You can set the board up however you like – go blazing fast in the flat water with your straps outboard or put them in for more radical conditions.