Da Curve Team



Design driven from famous surfer Martin Potter in the early 90’s the “Twinzer” setup utilizes 4 fins to gain additional drive and traction while riding a wave. Fabien has studied the proper set up for adapting this concept to the windsurf board. Rocker lines have to be adjusted and outlines manipulated to compensate for this fin set up. The latest revolution in radical wave board design is all packed in to the new Da Curve Team Edition! Your imagination is your only limit!

Fabien Vollenweider says

I have always wanted to take a surfboard and put a sail on it – this is essentially what we have in the new Da Curve 4 fin. I had to adjust a lot of things to make it do what we wanted, but after many prototypes with the team we found the perfect set up!


The Quad concept give effortless rail-to-rail transitions, tighter bottom turn radiuses with tons of speed. The board is more compact to ride in the pocket and the deep concaves allow incredible grip in the turns. Due to this surf orientated style the Da Curve Team has a wider stance. A fast rocker line along with the 4 fins gives excellent upwind ability. The board can also be used as a twin fin by removing the front fins and putting in some bigger twin fins (not included) giving you a “super loose” feeling on small waves.

Flexlight CK (Carbon/Kevlar deck)

Bottom line

If you want to be radical, this is the easy choice for new school wave riding. You can do all the moves that require a slidy board! Get more vertical and ride hard Thomas Traversa style!