Da Curve


Proven Performer

The classic single fin is still hard to beat… This range utilizes everything that we have learned from twin fin boards and implements those changes while keeping the proven single fin set up. The Da Curve with single fin allows you to push hard in your turns, gets planing easily and provides the lift and power you need for big jumps.

Fabien Vollenweider says

For those guys that like something steady to push against, the single fin is an easy choice. We have spent a lot of time making this range work in both worlds – great for high wind bump and jump control as well as down the line at mast high Hookipa! Here you have a board that caters to a variety of windsurfers.


Single fin performance is time tested and proven. The rocker line is optimized for quick planing and speed down the line. The single fin gives precise turning input, allowing you to push hard in the bottom turn and not spin out off the top. A great all-round high wind performer in all conditions.


Flexlight CK (Carbon/Kevlar deck)

Bottom line

If you want classic performance and a solid ride, this is your choice! A pure classic shape that has advantages for the improver. Great for high wind control and lots of predictability in any situation.