Rocket LTD



Curtain up for a few of the best freeride shapes on the market.

With construction of the LTD you have no compromise. Only the best and lightest materials are used to get the maximum in performance. The results are extremely light and stiff freeride machines. They plane with no effort, are faster and move faster and are therefore the perfect solution for anyone who wants more out of their rockets. All Rockets are tested all year round so they are continuously improved and revised. The team is working constantly on it and once they are sure to have made real progress, the new shape is immediately converted into the Series. For 2012, we have the 135er, 115er and 105er Rockets completely revised. Their unique combination of extreme smoothness, speed and maneuverability are at a noticeably higher level.


To develop Freeride shapes is a lot of fun. To shape a new and even better all-round board needs a lot of experience. Ultimately the goal is to develop a shape that is as fast as a Manta, can jibe as a 3S and is just as alive and free as a Pocket Wave. Some new ideas only work in certain sizes, some with fine tuning can be transferred to others. So it’s no coincidence that all three newly developed boards have a bit of the 125 which we presented last year. The most striking feature of the shapes is the new tail design which the 125 has already proven in many tests.

The main target on the winger development was the free character of the board and great top speed. So we came up with the winger in the tail to reduce the tail area, but keep the same “non active” planning ability at the same time. After first test the team loved this feature right away, so we got more into details.



With the Rockets to be in choppy waves is like to be on the road with a luxury car! Nothing can bring them out of control and if you then also overtake your buddy with a big grin on your face you know what top speed really means.


The super light and stiff Rocket LTD are made for freeriders who demand the best: more speed, more power, more lively feel!

Board comes with fin.