Da Curve Quadster


The Wave Warrior

Smooth lines, excellent drive, unprecedented agility, and total control make the 2013 Da Curve the best choice for any wave sailor looking to take their sailing to the next level. The lightweight slot-boxes allow us to offer the choice of either quad or thruster, which after extensive testing by our team, have found that either setup can be more optimal depending on the day’s given conditions. A refined outline, modified bottom curve, and extra concave in the tail section makes the DaCurve feel so natural in the waves it’s as if the board has a mind of it’s own, and you’re just along for the ride of your life!

We worked very hard in getting these boards to the top of the game last year. We tried some new things but in the end we were completely satisfied with our current shapes and did not want to change just for the sake of change! In our testing program we have found out that both, quads and tri fins have advantages, depending on conditions. Quads playing their advantages in large waves and side shore conditions where full grip, power and control is required. In quad mode, you can play with the new Da Curve to give full power in the turns, no matter how big or fast the waves are. In small waves, especially in cross onshore wind, the tri fin set up makes the boards even more agile and playful. The boards are so loose that you can go where you want!

The boards are equipped with 5 slot boxes in the rear and come with 5 matching slotbox Fins and two covers. So everyone can learn all the benefits of the Quadster immediately. The bottom shape has an extra kick and mini flat tail, with deep concave shapes in the bottom, for more grip, more speed, and faster turns. There is slightly more tail kick and a little less volume in the tail to give control in the bottom turn and cutback. The extra-wide stance positions have proven to be ideal for a real surfy feeling and more control.”

  • New rail: easy curve entry on front foot
  • Mini tail flat rocker line : better water release, speed and very good upwind
  • New bottom shape V to double concave : More grip and speed



Thomas Traversa

Two boards in one. For nice clean waves and less wind I'll take the Quad set up for maximum drive and plenty of speed. If the wind increases and the waves get choppy I go for tri fins, because the quad is more difficult to surf in these conditions because of the drive. The tri fin makes the board loose and easier to perform. The tri fin also allows any type of turn, not only carving turns and I can also hit the fastest part of the wave even in bad conditions. So: 4 fins for lighter wind and perfect waves, three Fins for Chop or for bumpy conditions with lots of wind.

Bottom Line

The Da Curve sets the standard of wave riding. It lets you rip a wave to pieces and keep charging for more. Push your level and learn new lines with this wave riding machine.

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