Rocket CED/LTD


Free and Easy!

We invested 24 month to make the mission impossible possible. For 2014, the super popular Rocket range sees three new shapes in the 115, 125 and 135 with even better performance (faster, more early planning and better acceleration) without loosing any good points from the past!

A perfect balance of speed and acceleration, maneuverability and control; these boards continue to raise the bar for any freeride board.

Our test winning boards prove to be hard to beat, this coming from the shaper himself! “We wanted to make sure these new shapes are noticeably better and we have found more magic!” said Fabien.



We concentrated on getting better performance while not loosing any of the easy side to these boards. To do this we used what we learned about outline and V distribution working with the team on the Manta.

So to get more power we have reduced the V on the tail to get more power in low wind, we have increased the width of the outline around the front foot area while making the tail outline narrower.

So we get great planing, great acceleration and very good top speed.

We kept our signature Tabou nose double concave to get our famous “soft touch” over the chop that makes the boards so easy.

We also kept our smooth rocker and rail foil distribution that makes this range so easy and predictable in the turns.

  • Perfect Rocker for smoother planing, better non active planing balance
  • Balanced V and concave: More acceleration, keeps you planingbetter through wind holes and generates more top speed
  • More volume and wider in the tail: Better acceleration, more power in wind holes, better upwind”


  • Rocket 95 LTD
  • Rocket 105 LTD
  • Rocket 115 LTD
  • Rocket 125 LTD
  • Rocket 135 LTD
  • Rocket 145 LTD


  • Rocket 95 CED
  • Rocket 105 CED
  • Rocket 115 CED
  • Rocket 125 CED
  • Rocket 135 CED
  • Rocket 145 CED


Ross Williams

The Rocket is one of my favorite boards to develop. We get to take everything we learn from all the boards we shape and put them into this one complete range.

When riding these boards, you feel the water moves out of your way and all you have to do is hang on and go as fast as you want- the control is there.

When sailing is easy, you know you are going fast! The ROCKETS will take you to the moon!

Bottom Line

The Rocket and Rocket LTD are made for freeriders who want it all! More speed, more power, more FUN!.

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