Da Curve Quadster



The Wave Chaser

The best early planning top3-dcand accelerating Da Curve Quadster range ever. More speed, easy planning and better drive in the turn make the all new 2014 Da Curve Quadster range our greatest yet.
A perfect balance of speed and turning keep you in the right place of the wave. 3 new shapes have been brought in to the range – a 75, 80 and 86 – the best early planning Da Curve Quadster range in history while the 67 and 91 remained unchanged.
New out- and rocker lines with enhanced rail sections look to make this range a must have for the wave chaser!


Fabien Vollenweider

We did a huge R&D on this line with a lot of prototype’s to get our Da Curve Quadster range to be more user-friendly while keeping them able to make radical tight turns in the pocket. We have redesigned it to get earlier planing, more speed and especially more speed on the wave without much power from the wind.
The rocker has a lower entry and less kick in the tail, the outline is more wide under the back foot to get more power at lower speeds, and we have less V to reduce the drag and keep the speed up.

  • New Cad design rocker line with lower entry and less kick in the tail: Better planing, faster, more control in long turns
  • New bottom shape with less V: better planing, more direct feeling
    Double concave: lot of grip in the curve
  • New outline with wider tail : more power in slower wave, more acceleration for jump’s
  • Quadster allow you to tune your board to your wish : Quad or Thruster what ever suit your style and your home spot.
  • The extra-wide foot strap positions have proven to be ideal for a real surfy feeling and more control over the board.
  • Slot box: lighter board less drag

The boards are equipped with 5 Slot boxes in the rear and come with 5 matching slotbox Fins and two covers.

  • DaCurve 67 Quadster
  • DaCurve 75 Quadster
  • DaCurve 80 Quadster
  • DaCurve 86 Quadster
  • DaCurve 91 Quadster



The Da Curve is just a real waveboard, designed to give us riders a true surf feeling. I use it mostly as a quad fin for a maximum of grip and rail to rail riding, but the board is also very fun and easy with a tri-fin setup

Bottom Line

The new Da Curve Quadster raises the bar and will keep you charging any conditions mother nature throws out at you. Rip that wave to pieces with speed, style and aggression!t-lab-fins






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