Rocket Wide Ltd/Ced


We invested lot of time and a crazy number of hours testing to achieve the wide freeride board that we are very proud to present you now, offering an incredibly easy, wide range!

This board has got it all for any keen freerider: very early planing, speed, acceleration and passing through lulls effortlessly. It has great control and on top of that a super easy jiber where you don’t lose any speed and come out as fast as you entered. The new Rocket Wide range has such a versatile sail range. For example, the 118 will feel totally at home with sails ranging from a 6.0m Pilot entry level sail to a 8.5m Phantom freerace. This is the board that will help you pass to the next level.

Fabien Vollenweider

We worked really hard on defi ning everything that made our classic Rocket such a success and packaging it all into a wider, thinner shape to achieve even better planing and wind range. Improving the performance level while keeping a comfortable controllable ride,we used what we learned about outline and V distribution working with the team on the Manta 85 and 81. So we redesigned a new version of the Rocket rocker-line while taking into account that this board needed to be shorter and wider. As a result we made a new outline with increased maximum width around the front foot area, while making the tail outline narrower. We then added some cut-outs on tail to minimize the wetted surface when at full speed to increase the top speed.

The results are clear to see – great planing, great acceleration and a very good top speed.We kept our signature Tabou nose double concave to get our famous “soft touch” over the chop that makes the boards so easy. We worked on the rail shape and foil to get an incredible «super gliding jibe.

  • Perfect rocker for smoother planing, better non active planing balance.
  • Balanced V and concave: more acceleration, keeps you planing better through lulls and generates more top speed.
  • Outline: wide kinked in the tail: early planing, acceleration, speed. Forgiving control.
  • Full rail until the tail: forgiving in the jibe and keeps your speed in the tur n. Improved upwind ability.
  • Constant thickness foil on tail: improved speed in the exit of the jibe, early planing and upwind capacity.



  • Rocket Wide 108 LTD
  • Rocket Wide 118 LTD
  • Rocket Wide 128 LTD
  • Rocket Wide 138 LTD





Construction “PVC FULL SANDWICH”

  • Rocket Wide 108 CED
  • Rocket Wide 118 CED
  • Rocket Wide 128 CED
  • Rocket Wide 138 CED



Ross Williams

It’s an unbelievable ride! Everyone must try this range of boards. I am fl ying across the water yet I feel so totally in control! The experience is a totally unique ride. Freeriding has never been so appealing to me

The Bottom Line

The Rocket Wide and Rocket Wide LTD are made for freeriders who want more time on the water! It will bring you to another level.