Rocket LE


Our flagship model has taken another leap in the universe of board design.

The development team has done a great job to deliver test winning results both on and off the water.

The complete range has evolved with 2 new sizes being introduced to round out the luxurious fleet.

Rocket 95 remains the same as last year and finds a small change in the paintjob.

Rocket 105 and 115 are new designed to match with the winning bigger brothers. The new bottom shape makes them easier to control and ads some speed. The unmatched control and acceleration makes them a want to

have Board for 2008.

Rocket 125 has proven it is the one to watch! Last year’s new addition stays the same and shares its good points with the rest of the range.

Rocket 135 is the new size that is sure to get everyone’s attention. Deriving from his little brother, the bottom shape gives you speed and early acceleration like you have never felt before. Turning is smooth and easy giving you the feeling of a smaller board. Lighting fast and a well balanced easy rider, watch out for the all new 135!

Rocket 145 steps it up another 10liters and delivers all the benefits of his little brothers.

Loaded up with a very even thickness flow, this board has some zip for a big daddy! The objective was to make a big board that could get planing faster than last years 150, turn like a 125 and still have speed to burn! We are proud of this new shape and look forward to seeing it at the top of the Freeride podium.

Developed closely with 2 time SuperX world Champion: Matt Pritchard, these Rocket boards are proven to deliver results.


  • New Sizes
  • Fuller Rails
  • Double Concave Fast Rocker line
  • Refined Outline
  • Heel Shock Absorbers
  • Rocket 95,105 and 115 come with 2cm longer fins that last year.
  • Maximum stability, controllable lift for early planning.
  • Multi Footstrap Placement
  • Options for every preference.