For 2008, the 325 is a timeless classic and remains unchanged. With its succes we decided to ad a new 295 windstyler for the lighter riders and areas with some more planing winds. The tail pipes have enabled this board to shine from Lake Garda all the way to the USA!
Taking a look back to the days of early windsurfing, you see longboards; lots of them. Waters all around the world were filled with wind powered crafts that put smiles on just about anybody’s face. People were sailing in no wind, a little wind and even a lot of wind- all on one board. These were the days when windsurfing was booming. People were into it and the future shows that longboarding is coming back, much like surfing.
If you were one of those who had the One- Design style windsurfer, surely you can remember the fun in cruising around spinning the sail, railriding and whatever else you could think of. A few years after that, a new craze came into the sport- it was all about going fast and getting up on a plane. Boards began to get shorter and shorter, having less and less volume. This decreased the number of days you could get on the water and have FUN!

Imagine if you could combine both attributes, no wind cruising and planing in the same board…. Wouldn’t that be great? Times are changing and Tabou are more than excited to introduce the Windstyler- a windsurfing revolution.

The board has a 30cm “step tail” that allows for planing when the wind is strong enough- this turns the planing surface to 295cm (9’6”) and allows you to be cruising at speed with ease. Because of this, there is no need to
move the mastrack- it automatically happens once the board is planing because of the step tail.

The Windstyler has a surfstyle longboard outline that provides a large area to play on. Old school freestyle is easy as ever and the wide and long dagger board makes the board easy to sail upwind.

They say comfort is king and the EVA deck gives you freedom to move without hurting your feet and anklesrailrides
can finally be pain free!

Windsurfing’s “rebirth” is here and ready for you. Get back to the basicsremember the days and seize the opportunity to put the fun back into your lifestyle no matter what the wind is doing.

The Windstyler is sure to take windsurfing to the next level- see you there!

Tabou and You… different by nature 1!