Rocket LTD ’10


Once you blast off on the Rocket, you instantly get a feeling of freedom. The unique bottom shape combined with the shorter outline gives you a flying sensation in the lightest of winds. These boards are built to do it all- step on and you can’t deny the smile that hits you. Perfectly crafted deck shape, an unbeatable rocker line combined with magic rails keep the Rocket on top of the game.


  • Limited (LTD) construction:: Get the ultimate freeride machine that is light and stiff. Biax Carbon/PVC sandwich construction makes this up to 600 grams lighter than the standard versions.
  • Newly designed 115 and 135- more planing and better top end speed
  • New smoothed Rocker Line gives quicker acceleration. New outlines combined with a small winger on the tail give unmatched top end and life to these new designs.
  • Rocket 135 has increased it’s length for smoother planning
  • Increased double concave entry in the nose area to prevent hitting chop and smooth out the ride
  • Integrated heel cushions
Tabou Shaper

We keep learning how to make our Manta race boards faster and faster - this translates directly over to the Rocket range! We have a couple new shapes that will show you some of the fastest freeride GPS numbers out there. Be ready to go fast... The LTD is the ultimate. Get maximum performance from lighter weight and stiffer ride. This is the top of the line freeride machine!