Da Curve TE ’10


A completely new range of boards has been generated for the Da Curve’s. New outlines, new rocker lines and rail shapes are just the beginning of this down the line destroyer. We have learned that a single or twin fin setup work on the same shape, so we will have both options available- single or twin! Our team has been instrumental in getting these boards to where they are now. Top of the line performance, top of the podium results- watch out.


  • Team Edition Twin Fin design- 2 years of development
  • New Rocker line Single to Double Concave with Vee out the back
  • New Outline promotes early planing
  • Wider Nose and more compact package
  • Quicker turning- more grip, more drive and control on the wave
  • Heel cushions in pads for more comfort
  • Wider stance options
  • Team Edition: More flex, which is better for waveriding
Tabou Shaper

We went all out and started over completely for the Da Curves. Wave riding is one of my favorite things to do and we had a lot of fun developing these boards over the last 2 years. We wanted to make sure we had it perfect!