Rocket LTD ’11


Rising Star

The Rockets are a constantly developed board. We work on the shapes year round to be sure that when we come up with a new design, it is significantly better than what we currently have. This year the 125 and 145 have been completely re-worked to deliver the magic carpet ride that you have come to expect from one of the greatest freeride boards on the market.

LTD Construction: “NO COMPROMISE” get the ultimate freeride machine that is light and stiff.

Fabien Vollenweider says

The LTD construction is the best out there. It gives the board a better jump onto a plane, quicker acceleration with the gusts and will keep you floating through the light spots with ease. It has all the benefits of the standard construction and takes it up to the next level. The layup makes the board “stiffer” in feeling and gives you direct input into controlling the board. If you are a cruiser or racer, you won’t be disappointed with the LTD!


The Newly designed 125 and 145 offer more planing and better top end acceleration for 2011. The Rocker has been smoothed out for quicker acceleration. New outlines combined with a small winger on the tail give unmatched top end and life to these new designs. The Rocket 145 has increased it’s length for smoother planning while the 125 creates a new shape that has an increased double concave entry in the nose area allowing for a smoother ride. Both of these new weapons come with multiple strap positions to dial in improvers as well as experts. LTD construction enables no compromise performance. Weight savings of approx one pound. This allows you to accelerate more quickly, coast through the lulls easier and pass your friends with ease…


Carbon Biax Sandwhich (carbon on deck)

Bottom line

If you want a no compromise freeride board, this is your choice!

A high performance freeride board that is fun to ride. One of the best “turners” on the market. It is easy to maneuver and light wind performance is incredible. The Rocket LTD is blisteringly fast with amazing acceleration and top end speed.