Da Curve Quadster ’12



The new Da Curve shapes have become more agile and are easier to surf from rail to rail with a much greater range than their predecessors. To accomplish this, Fabien has refined together with the team the outline, the bottom curve, the concave in the underwater hull and the fin setup. Numerous tests with quad and thruster options, have made it clear that there are numerous advantages.The Thruster is extremely versatile and extremely powerful. The quads are perfect carving machines. No wonder our guys have come up with the idea to make both possible in a board. Finally, an extra slotbox weighs hardly anything. That is the reason why the Da Curves come with five boxes in the rear. Quad or thruster setup, it’s your choice.
We call it THE QUADSTER.



The Da Curves are surf boards where you can windsurf on. So they are designed for real front foot wave riding. In our testing

program we have found out that both, quads and thrusters have advantages,

depending on conditions. Quads playing their advantages in large waves and side shore conditions where full grip, power and control is required. In quad mode, you can play with the new Da Curve to give full power in the turns, no matter how big or fast the waves are. In small waves, especially in cross onshore wind, the thruster set up makes the boards even more agile and playful. The boards are so loose that you are always guaranteed to catch the wave lip at its steepest point.


Thomas Traversa

With the new Quadster set up I have two different boards in one. For nice clean waves and less wind I’ll take the Quad set up for maximum drive and plenty of speed. If the wind increases and the waves get choppy I go for thrusters, because the quad is more difficult to surf in these conditions because of the drive. The thruster makes the board loose and easier to perform. The Thruster also allows any type of turn, not only carving turns and I can also hit the speediest part of the wave even in worse conditions. So: 4 fins for lighter wind and perfect waves, three Fins for Chop or for worse conditions with lots of wind.


The Da Curve team is a radical wave board, which meets the extreme demands of our team riders. Perfect for the “New School Style.” Thomas Traversa, Alex Mussolini and the other riders prove this again and again, day after day, wave after wave. Now it’s your turn!
Board delivered with 5 fin’s and 2 Slot box blanking plugs!