Rocket STD/LTD ’13


Rock and Roll

For 2013 we have decided to keep the Rocket range just as it is. A perfect balance of speed and acceleration, maneuverability and control; these boards continue to set the bar for any free ride board.


All shapes have been proven all across the globe. Magazine tests continue to praise the ease and user friendliness of the Rockets. Each board is specially shaped to conquer most conditions that each particular size will encounter. The Rockets are designed to get up to speed quickly, fly through the chop and turn with ease and control! Comfort and fun characterize this great range of boards.

  • Perfect Rocker for smoother planing, better non active planing balance
  • Balanced V and concave: More acceleration, keeps you planing better through wind holes and generates more top speed
  • More volume in the tail: Better acceleration, more power in wind holes, better upwind


Fish Fish-1

Arnon Dagan

The Rocket can take me to the moon. I have hit some HUGE jumps with these guys, I have spritzed guys on full blown race gear and I can turn with the best of them. The ROCKETS are amazing!

Bottom Line

The Rocket and Rocket LTD are made for freeriders who want it all! More speed, more power, more FUN!

learn more about the character @the TABOU FREERIDE TO RACE GUIDE