Manta ’15


To win PWA competitions it takes a relentless work ethic both on and off the water. Developing the Manta range is a 365 day per year project. The test team is committed ton on-stop development to ensure the best tools for the job. The new Manta range has all the ingredients to put you on the podium; our goal is to go faster, turn better and constantly accelerate. The Manta range is a state of the art racing machine. There is no compromise here; when you step on the Manta, you better be ready for the ride of your life.

After successful results on our 2014 Manta boards, we decided to orientate the R&D in the same direction as before: speed, performance and wind range for each size board to be able to perform whatever the conditions may be.

A big goal of ours was to improve the glide of the Mantas for 2015. New tail designs andcuts-out sections to give more water release, improved the top speed but more importantly the acceleration when you get planing. The new boards are also jibing amazingly well, whilst the increased board glide allows us to pass other sailors around marks too.

The ultra light and super stiff Team Pro Edition boards are made with the finest materials available to give a serious performance advantage! We changed the pads from 4mm thick to 6mm thick on Mantas 85, 81, 71, 66 and to 8mm thick on Mantas 61 and 59, because comfort makes you faster. We have a new, stronger and stiffer back deck layup to improve durability.

Fabien Vollenweider

This year as we had a very good base to focus work on water release. We tested lot of cut outs and double deck designs, drastically reducing the drag. We also worked on fine tuning the kick on the bigger board. At the end of the R&D process, this has given us boards with better top speed and especially better acceleration and glide out of gybes. We also worked on the control of some of the boards by fine tuning the mast track and footstrap positions.

Tabou Recommended racing set up for:

  • XL racer: Manta 85, Manta 71, Manta 61
  • L racer: Manta 81, Manta 71, Manta 61
  • M racer: Manta 81, Manta 66, Manta 59
  • S racer: Manta 71, Manta 66, Manta 59



  • Manta 48 Speed
  • Manta 54 Speed
  • Manta 59
  • Manta 61





Construction “100% CARBON”

  • Manta 66 TEAM
  • Manta 71 TEAM
  • Manta 81 TEAM
  • Manta 85 TEAM



Ross Williams

More range, with better glide and acceleration. For sure, the new Mantas will surprise our competitors when we rock up with our improved weapons for 2015.

Bottom Line

Improved acceleration and jibing characteristics, better high end control and stability. The 2015 Manta is a true demon on all points of the race course.

2014t-footstrap-freeride t-lab-fins