Twister ’15


Our team asked for an easier board with even more pop. For that we worked on the rocker, the outline and also getting the board thinner with a fuller rail. The guys want that “closer to the water feeling” to allow them to feel even more comfortable on the board. Having the board feeling like its part of your body is the goal. The boys are making up new moves, getting more and more radical. Freestyle windsurfing is all about being creative and reacting to the conditions. The Twister range delivers the right tools for the job.

Fabien Vollenweider

We want more control and POP!

The thinner board allows us to keep the rider closer to the water while the ‘super winger pintail’ outline keeps a big surface area under the front foot and as little surface area in the tail as possible. This gives incredible POP combined with the new kick tail rocker, allowing the tail to sink down quickly before POPPING back up, so that flat water moves are easier. The new, thinner board with fuller rails will also forgive you every mistake when you land and spin. The latest developments are available in the 90 and 100 liter boards as these were the key sizes for team riders.

  • New rocker-line with tail kick: better top speed, more POP.
  • Super winger pintail outline: Great POP, higher top speed.
  • Thinner board for more control, closer to the water.
  • Fuller rail with higher apex and more tuck in centre section: more
  • forgiveness in spinning moves.
  • Slot box: lighter board.



  • Twister 80 Team
  • Twister 90 Team
  • Twister 100 Team
  • Twister 107 Team




I believe we have created something very special in the new 2015 Twister boards. I didn’t think it would be possible to improve the pop of this board yet again, but here we are, and the new board is again a big step up. Thank you Fabien for all your efforts.

The Bottom Line

More speed, more POP and more FUN! Single fin action is in style and the new Twisters are ready to jump, slide, spin, twist and PLAY!