Pocket ’18




Compact, fast, easy to turn, and great for wave tricks, the Pocket offer progressive
newschoolwaveriding in waves up to mast-high and in side-shore to onshore winds.



New-School wave riders

The Pocket is short and fast for riders looking for radical real-world wave riding. The
straight rocker guarantees a fast ride no matter if the current is strong and the wind is
gusty. When pressure is applied to the backfoot during wave riding, the Pocket turns
radically tight and the wide tail carries speed through turns even in windswell and onshore
winds. The compact outline makes it easy to spin new school moves like takas and shakas.
We originally designed the Pocket for our home breaks in Europe, but our team quickly
found the board to be just as fun in the radical waves of Hawaii. New for 2018, channels in
the tail make the Pocket faster, earlier to get planing, and easier to carve.


* Estimated Weights. Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.