The Twister is a compact, hardcore freestyle board designed to push the limits of modern



Professional Freestylers

New for 2018, we completely revolutionized the Twister 90 and 100. The shorter the board,
the faster it spins. Fabien cut the nose and tail off the Twister, and Anthony was able to
pull radical tricks in the testing. They worked together to create a board that spins faster
but does not lose acceleration or control. The new 90 and 100 shapes are both 209cm long
for a spinning blitz.
The Twister’s speed comes from a low-entry rocker that is flat near the tail. The winger
outline gives the board more pop because the board is wide in the middle but has a small
tail that when pushed on, creates a wave under the board that acts like a small ramp. The
deep V bottom shape and boxy rails make the Twister forgiving during spinning tricks.
The Twister is designed to push the limits of modern freestyle.