Coolrider ’18


The feeling of flying on a windsurfboard is better than any other sport, but windsurfing is also very hard to learn. The Coolrider makes learning windsurfing easier for

 adults, kids and families.

Even though the board is very big for stability, the rails are relatively small to provide control, making the Coolrider a classic funboard that also works for longboard freestyle. The 230 Liter Coolrider features a double deck in the tail for extra maneuverability despite the large volume. 

Inspired by the feedback from windsurfing schools all over the world, each Coolrider has a soft EVA foam deck that is comfortable when climbing on the board to uphaul. A handle on the nose makes the Coolrider easy to carry. And rubber protects the board from rocks. 

The Coolrider is the perfect board for a light-wind summer day on the sea with the family.


Construction “AST”

  • Coolrider 160
  • Coolrider 190
  • Coolrider 230



Tonky Frans

It’s fun from the moment you step on - this baby is sooooo EASY!

Bottom Line

Summer fun with the family or just a day at the beach, the Coolrider is the perfect board to have some fun!