Air Ride+ 2019

Air Ride 91
front view

Air Ride 91
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Air Ride+

Flying performance

This brand-new concept was developed to get the highest flying-performance available on the market!


Passionate foil surfers, who are looking for nothing but performance with powerful foils.

Looking at the development of foil windsurfing during the past few years, we just had to design a board designated to those, who try to make the most out of the lightest winds. We’ve been working on the Air Ride+ for many years and are now ready to present the Air Ride+ 91 to the public. This board will be a top contestant for the newly initiated PWA foiling events, thanks to the cooperation of our team around Cedric Bordes and our head shaper Fabien Vollenweider.

Perfectly aligned for upwind and downwind racing with sails from 7.8m² to over 10m², the Air Ride+ offers tons of power that can easily be handled with the most powerful foils. The parallel outline, 180 liters of volume and super wide tail of 91cm create a huge hull area surface creates maximum leverage to plane and get lift as early as possible and fly upwind quickly. Thanks to the hull shape you get up in the air very early with smooth touchdowns in the water, creating a very stable flight and performance. In addition there are cutouts in the tail section, which reduce wetted surface to get you lift even earlier. The long insert accommodates all the different flying balance characteristics of foils available on the market.

The Air Ride 91 was specifically designed for performance-oriented foil surfers, who are looking for more than just the satisfaction of flying above the surface. It will not just make you enjoy the flight, but also go faster than you might expect!


  • PWA approved competition foiling shape

  • Cutouts for reduced wette

  • Parallel outline and super wide tail create maximum lift and stability

  • Smooth touchdowns thanks to the hull shape

  • Accomodates all different flying characteristics available on the foil market


Air Ride+ 91

180 l

226 cm

91 cm


Foil Box

Sail Range

* Estimated Weights. Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.
** No fin delivered with this board!



What our team is saying…

Fabien Vollenweider  – Chief Board Shaper

“The world tour is filled with a variety of conditions, which lead us to designing a Manta 2019 that needs to deal with every situation, our team and you could face.”