Alexandre Villatte


nameAlexandre Villatte
sail noF353
aboutI like windsurf because I have some adrenaline rush when there are some good waves and strong wind. I like a lot to be with some other windsurfeur, do some trip with friends. I hope a day, I would go in a storm - chase and perhap's do the pwa tour, but for the moment I need do have a better level and continue to have fun on the water.
career highlights- 4° under 15, IFCA Slalom European Championships 2011
- 9° under 17, IFCA Slalom world Championships 2013
- 6° AWM epluchure wave contest 2014
- 17° Ripcurl Windsurfing Pro Tour Carro 2014
favourite sailsIQ 3.6 m
favourite boardTabou Da Curve 68 L
words to live byLive without regret and with pleasure