Cedric Bordes


nameCedric Bordes
sail noFRA-91
aboutI am born in Marseille and first started football and when I was 13 years old, I started windsurfing on a lake. Windsurfing is such a great sport, I can‘t spend any day without checking wind forecast, even when I know that I will be on meetings the next days! Since almost 10 years I am on the PWA Tour too, I am in charge of French market distribution and testing boards and sail prototypes for Tabou and Gaastra R&D.
career highlightsTop 12 PWA Slalom overall each season since 5 years
5th PWA overall in slalom 2015
favourite sailsVapor 6,4 and Manic 4,5
favourite boardManta 61 and Da Curve 88
words to live byBe yourself