Manta Std & Team ’11


Fast & Furious

When all you want to do is win, this is the board you need. Even if you are not a PWA pro seeking the world title, you still want to be the first one to start planing and the first one to pass the local speed master. The Manta Team Pro boards are built without compromise. They are engineered specifically for our race team that demands the lightest and stiffest boards available. Speed and planing are of utmost importance and you can bet that the Manta Team Pro delivers the goods.

Fabien Vollenweider says

Our race team wants the best in the business. We deliver it with the Team Pro editions. We have found the ultimate construction that gives lightness and unmatched stiffness to our riders.


The all new Manta 69 comes with more power in the tail, and a higher rocker line for faster top end speed. It has a larger side bevel around the front concave to give instant acceleration. A fuller rail makes coming out of the turns faster and easier. The Tabou “signature” forward double concave parts the rough waters and makes the ride ultra smooth. The Manta 79 has been redesigned and taken some of the success from the Formula boards. A deeper double concave section up front increases the speed through chop. Like the 69 it gets a fuller rail to get out of turns faster and has ideal sized cutouts in the back to allow the wide tail to let the board fly. The boards come with extra comfortable EVA pads and easy adjust footstraps.

This great range enables size specific options for any rider:

  • S to M people should choose Manta 54, 65, 75
  • L to XL people should choose Manta 59, 69, 79
  • XXL people should choose Manta 65, 75, 85



Manta: Carbon Biax Sandwhich (Carbon on deck)
Manta Team: 100% Carbon

Bottom line

If you want no excuses for top end performance, this is your choice! The Manta’s are race proven and tuned by our international team (Ross, Arnon, Cedric, etc). A no compromise race construction and shape with unbelievable top end, instant acceleration and ultimate control!