Pocket Tri Fin ’11


All Round Ripper

This years Pocket takes all the development over the years and triples the performance! The first “THRUSTER” board from Tabou offers early planing with its proven rocker line. The easy turning comes from a perfect outline and now a thruster option gives the rider a variety of set up choices for whatever the conditions dish out.

Fabien Vollenweider says

Variety is what you get from the Pocket this year. Having the 3 fins really helps in the onshore winds to generate speed for going backside. Being able to run a smaller center fin loosens the boards and gives drive on all points of turn.


This 3 fin set up features a proven speedy rocker line to get you moving in gusty lame conditions. The full outline helps with stability and gives great rail to rail surfing performance. The board can be easily set up as a single fin by simply removing the thrusters and putting in a traditional sized fin (not included).


Flexlight CK (Carbon/Kevlar deck)

Bottom line

If you want options for any type of sailing condition, this is your choice! Specifically designed for real world gusty on shore mushy waves, the Pocket does it all. These boards make a great bump and jump/ freestyle board for flat water conditions as well.