Twister ’11


Game Winner

The Twin’s win! Upwind performance with unmatched sliding makes the Twister one of the most coveted boards on the Freestyle Tour. Twin technology allows the rider to use much smaller fins while being able to get planing early and stay upwind for contest situations. Turning is easier, tricks are more radical and the overall fun factor is very high!

Fabien Vollenweider says

The freestyle team guys are always asking for more spin, more pop, more speed, easier turning… We have learned a lot from last years! Everybody loves the 100 and the all new 90 builds off that success. We are always trying to innovate and set new trends so our riders can express themselves like no one else! The twin fin concept continues to prove its value with upwind performance that can’t be achieved with a small single fin.


The Twister 90 gets a complete reworking. A wider outline like it’s larger brother the 100, a narrow tail section induces more curve in the outline for easier pop and turning. A new tail section releases the water more efficiently. When you combine this with the ultra fast rocker, you have a deadly freestyle weapon. The “other brother’s” 80, 100 and 107 remain unchanged due to their proven success.


Carbon Biax Sandwich (carbon on deck) with kevlar reinforcements on the stressed areas

Bottom line

If you want to spin, pop, bust, shove or throw down a move, this is your choice! Pura Vida… get the same board as our team riders use on the PWA Tour… Thomas Traversa, Davy Scheffers and Co are using these original shapes. A NO compromise freestyle design with unique technical advantages; twin fin set up, a double dome deck, and a standard box for lots of fin position adjustment). Once you try it, you won’t want to ride anything else!