Coolrider ’11


Beginner Bliss

The ultimate learner board is right here. Precise developed beginner shapes that you won’t outgrow! Full EVA decking is easy on the feet and won’t scratch you up if you fall down!
Fabien Vollenweider says

We developed this board based on feedback from all our resort centers. Everyone wants a board that is easy to learn on and something that you won’t outgrow after only 5 days on one. You can still have a lot of fun out cruising around on the Cool Rider!


This 100% EVA deck makes life easy for beginners or longboard freestylers. The integrated handle at the nose of the board makes it easy to drag down to the beach. A full wrap of rubber protection makes this board tuff and ready to take a beating!


AST (Technology of very thick fiber with foaming resine)

Bottom line

If you want a board to learn on and keep around your lake house for the next couple decades, this is your choice! A perfect beginner windsurf board to teach your friends and family the great sport of windsurfing!