Pocket Wave ’13


Equip to RIP

Big backside hits, massive boosts, flying down the line, or high wind freestyle, the Pocket can handle just about any conditions mother nature can stir up, especially when they’re not the most ideal. Early planing gets you up and going through the break with ease, allowing you to pick the ramp of your choosing and blast into the air with solid pop, while the compact outline delivers excellent control in the jumps. On the wave, the refined rocker line and modified rail shapes ensure smooth bottom turns with excellent drive, projecting you back up to the lip with speed even when the conditions aren’t the most epic, making you feel like a rockstar. The thruster setup offers a surfy feel with slashy turns, whereas the single fin offers unmatched acceleration and control for bump and jump sessions.


We kept this range the same as 2012 as we have set ourselves apart with an awesome rocker line and the rail shapes are right on the money. We have speed and control with these boards. The rocker line is clean and proven. Why change a great board? » The tri fin set up works great for all conditions, but of course you can still use them with a single fin when you need more power to plane.
The complete range remains unchanged except for the graphics. The rocker line and rails for a real wave board feel, regardless of front- or back-foot Wave Riding. A tri fin fin set up for optimum all-round use. Swallow tail for more speed in slower waves. The bottom shape with double concave and slight V in the tail makes the boards very quick.The Pocket Waves also the right board for stormy flat water days and being used as a single fin.

  • outline with wide swallow tail and wider center : planing, tight turns, high jumps, keep speed in flat part of the wave
  • New rail: easy curve entry on front foot
  • Mini tail flat rocker line : better water release, speed and very good upwind
  • New bottom shape V to double concave : More grip and speed




When I have to compete in crappy onshore conditions, I don't even question what board to take. The Pocket gets me moving and still lets me rip the wave apart. I can ride this board slightly smaller because of the wide tail and throw the board anywhere I want!

Bottom Line

Optimized for « gusty real world conditions » the Pocket does it all! A no brainer wave board

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