Manta ’14


Powerfull precision

To win PWA competitions it takes a relentless work ethic both on and off the water. Developing the Manta range

is a 365 day per year project. The test team is committed to non stop development to ensure the best tools for the

The new Manta range has all the ingredients to put you on the podium- Our goal is to go faster, turn better and constantly accelerate. The Manta range is a state of the art racing machine. There is no compromise here, when you step on the Manta, you better be ready for the ride of your life.

Our focus is for each board to get better acceleration out of the jibe and a limitless top end speed- FAST, POWERFUL and in CONTROL, what more could you ask for
from the Manta.

The ultra light and super stiff Team Pro Edition (PTE) boards are made with the finest materials available to

give a serious performance advantage! We changed the pads From 4mm thick to 6mm thick on Manta 85, 81, 71, 66 and to 8mm thick on Manta 61 and 59, because comfort makes you faster.
We have a new stronger and stiffer back deck layup to improve durability.

  • Tabou recommends racing set up for
  • XLarge racer: Manta 85, Manta 71, Manta 61
  • Large racer: Manta 81, Manta 71, Manta 59
  • Medium racer: Manta 81, Manta 66, Manta 59
  • Small racer: Manta 71, Manta 66, Manta 59





We reworked our manta to get better acceleration. For that we took of some volume from the nose and moved it to the footstrap area (to have more power available under the feet to accelerate or point when you want). Theses boards really got a lot of volume under the straps!

We also changed the V distribution adding some V under the mast
track to straighten the rail rocker line (center line stays the same) this gives better planing/acceleration after a jibe when water is touching this new straight area. We have also changed the cutout design and outline on the tail section to have less drag. All that has increased drastically the acceleration and top speed. Further we reduced the stance to get a more lively board.

Manta 71 PTE

We moved some of volume from the nose to the footstrap area (to have more power under the feet) and also increase the overall volume number to get better acceleration and be sure that the Manta 71 can carry a 8,6 sail easily. We also totally changed the V configuration by moving from a deep accelerating V to a low constant V open in the nose.

With straightening the side rocker line in between the front strap and mast track this gives much better acceleration and better top speed. It also helps to carry a bigger sail.

The new tail with double outline behind back foot straps (like 2014 Manta 85 and 81) allow to have the foot more parallel and more power for low end. We also reduced the stance here to get a more lively board.

Manta 61

Here we also moved some of the front Volume to the footstrap area (to have more power available under the feet) and we increase overall volume. We also changed the V from accelerating Deep V to low constant V. The Manta 61 is now longer to make exit of jibe’s easier in rough conditions.

Manta 48 Speed & 54 Speed

These new Manta shapes are no compromise speed weapons! They come with special rocker line and tail kick to make them super fast. They utilize a tiny pint tail and a straighter outline in the back to add stability to the runs. »

  • Manta 48 Speed
  • Manta 54 Speed
  • Manta 59
  • Manta 61



  • Manta 48 Speed
  • Manta 54 Speed
  • Manta 59
  • Manta 61


Bottom Line

Horsepower like a formula one race car, turning characteristics like a super bike and top speed like a dragster,
the Manta’s are ready for anything. Purpose built to win races, if you are serious get a Manta!