3S CED/LTD ’14

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Mr. Versatility

New Shapes in the 96 and 106 sizes are more wave orientated than ever, working perfect as light wind and big waveboards! Triple Fun best describes the 3S boards.
You can free ride, bump and jump, bust out some freestyle and smack some lips on these boards and they just don’t care!

Arguably one of the best all-round boards on the market, the 3S just gets better and better. The key word to describe these boards is “EASY”. The boards just do what you want them to do, you don’t have to work hard to make them turn, they know how to do it.
They jump on a plane with ease and rocket to the moon on the jumps. One board, do what you want!



For a board to do it all, you have to be on top of your game as a shaper. I have worked hard to get these boards up to speed and feel confident more and more as we learn about what the riders of these boards are looking for. This year the 96 and 106 get the new change in shape engineered to get a better top end speed and remain ultra versatile. For these boards we are introducing the double step tail cutout that accomplishes this task.
In a straight line you get the advantage of less wetted surface giving you a higher top speed. When on a wave, when you force water to go on those two steps it works like a kick tail allowing the board to turn on a much tighter radius.

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This range covers any rider looking to have fun on the water. Available in 76, 86, 96, 106 and 116 liter sizes.

What’s new on the 3S 96 and 3S 106?

  • The double tail cutout gives better top speed and acceleration, shorter radius turns, and more versatile.
  • Winger swallow tail outline gives perfect blend of power for planing and surface distribution for speed and versatility.
  • Cad optimized mega-smooth rocker for planing, speed and versatility.

All shapes are available in the ultra light and extreme rigid LTD construction.

This gives a significant increase in performance. The boards glide earlier and respond more directly. »

3S 76 LTD

3S 86 LTD

3S 96 LTD

3S 106 LTD

3S 116 LTD



3S 76 CED

3S 86 CED

3S 96 CED

3S 106 CED

3S 116 CED


The 3style is for me one of those boards that can really make your day better! I like to go on the water and just Carve, jump, turn and freestyle with style and speed! Everything what comes up on your mind the board can do!

Bottom Line

If you are a first time jibe master or jumper, or a heavier wave riding warrior, the 3S boards make everyone happy. Fun, easy, fast and friendly you will be impressed in all conditions!

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