Pocket Wave ’14


Ready for ANYTHING!

This Power Wave shape continues to evolve into the one-shot wonder.

A range of boards that can do the big hits when required, bust out freestyle moves when the waves go flat and boost air to the moon! A completely new range update that makes any condition easy and fun!

Early planing gets you up and going through the break with ease, allowing you to pick the ramp of your choosing and blast into the air with solid pop, while the compact outline delivers excellent control in the jumps.
On the wave, the all new rocker line and modified outline shapes ensure smooth bottom turns with excellent drive. The thruster setup offers a surfy feel with slashy turns, and if you want single fin, the choice is yours!

Fabien Vollenweider


We worked on getting these boards more loose for this year. For that we worked on the outline and especially the tail section.
We removed some of the tail section area by making it a bit more narrow with some wingers to increase the versatility,control at high speed bottom turn, acceleration and the top speed.

  • Also we increase the rail thickness in the tail to make the board accelerate more quickly and drive upwind easier.
  • New outline winger swallow tail and wide center area : acceleration, very loose, high jumps, keep speed in flat part of the wave, speed, control at high speed in the turns
  • New rail: easy outline curve entry on front foot gives better upwind ability
  • Mini tail flat rocker line : better water release, speed and very good upwind performance
  • New bottom shape V to double concave : More grip and speed
  • Slot box : lighter board less drag


  • Pocket Wave 69
  • Pocket Wave 75
  • Pocket Wave 80
  • Pocket Wave 85
  • Pocket Wave 93



These boards keep getting better and better for my style. I want easy and when I jump on these shapes I find I can do more- go faster, get back upwind and catch more waves. Now this is what I have been waiting for, thanks Fabien!

Bottom Line

Optimized for « gusty real world conditions » the Pocket does it all with ease and style!

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