Twister ’14


King of Kings

Tonky Frans, Davy Scheffers and Antony Ruenes loved these perfect machines that all they asked for were some slight changes with the inserts for the feet and the mast track position.

Otherwise, everything was just how they wanted it! We move the front strap’s back to reduce the stance to make them able to get more pop out of it and we moved the mast track back also to get this longer nose feeling.

They also asked to get bigger fins on the twister 80, 90 and 100 for even more power and control in a straight line.

These shapes have already proven themselves and the boys are making up new moves getting more and more radical. Freestyle windsurfing is all about being creative and reacting to the conditions. The Twister range delivers the right tools for the job.



We want more POP! Tonky led the charge getting back to the single fin setup. He wanted more power in the tail section to get moving sooner and have more forgiveness while sliding backwards!

The super pin tail outlines allows us to keep surface area under the front foot keeping as little back in the tail as possible. This gives incredible POP allowing the tail to sink down and POPPING back up- so flat water moves are easier.

We stole some features from the Manta rocker lines to get going faster. We took out the tail kick and made the rocker line more flat- this increased the speed and acceleration. With the new single fin we are using a slot box to save weight.

We have developed a new fin dubbed the “Sashimi II” This fin is narrow and short and delivers great planing and control just how the riders like. With the Sashimi II, all our team are using them and you don’t need to go buy a new fin, these work perfectly!


  • New insert position : more pop
  • New mast track position more forgiving
  • Super pintail Outline : Great Pop, higher top speed
  • Flat tail Rocker : early acceleration and top speed
  • Super thick tail with side bevel’s : acceleration and forgiving in the moves
  • Smooth double deck : comfort
  • Slot box : lighter board
  • longer fin on Twister 80, 90 and 100: more power, more control in a straight line freestyle board »


  • Twister 80 Team
  • Twister 90 Team
  • Twister 100 Team
  • Twister 107 Team



The TWISTER goes super fast and delivers really great pop to stick some crazy power moves. I really like this pop and speed of the board a lot! This season the board is really compact and accelerates in the air spins!

Bottom Line

More Speed, more POP and more FUN! Single fin action is in style and the new Twisters are ready to jump, slide, spin, twist and PLAY!BottomBottom-2