Rookie ’15

When you want to start off on the right foot at an early age, the Rookie makes every kid’s dream come true. A radical board that is ready to rip right out of the box. The perfect toy for the lightweight ripper!

Fabien Vollenweider

Take the top of the line Da Curve board and scale it down for those riders under 65Kgs. Put a fast and easy rocker-line on it like the 3S range and you have the ultimate combo of speed, stability and control. A Thomas Traversa replica!

Construction « AST »

  • Rookie Freeride
  • Rookie Freeride L




Construction « PVC FULL SANDWICH HD »

  • Rookie Wave



Thomas Traversa

If I had a board like this when I was growing up, I would have been the happiest kid around! This is what any kid wanting to learn how to master the water should have!

Bottom Line

Create excellence for your little ripper! A board that doesn’t have any limits and is not something your kid will outgrow. The perfect mix of what every light weight rider is looking for!