Manta ’16




Development of the Manta range never stops. The team is committed to year round development to ensure the best tools for the job. The Manta range has all the ingredients to put you on the podium; our goal is to go faster, turn better and constantly accelerate. The Manta range is a state of the art racing machine. There is no compromise here; when you step on the Manta, you will feel the power and grace these boards offer.
After successful results on our 2015 Manta boards, we have made changes to the 61 size only:
Our unique tail designs and cuts-out sections  give more water release, improve the top speed but more importantly the acceleration when you need to get planing. These boards are jibing amazingly well, whilst the increased board glide allows us to pass other sailors around marks too.
The ultra light and super stiff Team Pro Edition boards are made with the finest materials available to give a serious performance advantage.
Incredible  acceleration and jibing characteristics, better high end control and stability. The 2016 Manta is a true demon on all points of the race course.
This year the 61 liter was picked apart. We altered rocker lines and outline to get this board to fit more into the range. Having both bigger and smaller brothers, the 61 has transformed into a race winning, fire breathing weapon that the slalom team are anxious to put to the test this season.



  • Manta 85 : 233 x 85 x 135 liter -9,5 to 8,6 for a pro use
    (and you can put 10 to 7,9 depending on your weight) with 48 to 44/42 cm fins
  • Manta 81 : 233 x 81 x 129 liter -9,5 to 8,6 for a pro use
    (and you can put 7,9 for light wind if you are under 80 kilos) with 46 to 42/40 cm fins
  • Manta 71 : 233 x 71 x 116 liter -8,6 to 7,1 with 42 to 36 cm fins
  • Manta 66 : 233 x 66 x 106 liter -7,9 to 6,4 with 40 to 34 cm fins
  • Manta 61 : 240 x 61 x 98 liter -7,1 to 5,6 with 34 to 30 cm fins
  • Manta 59 : 240 x 59 x 88 liter -7,1 to 5,0 with 33 to 29 cm fins


Tabou Recommended racing set up for:

  • XL racer:Manta 85, Manta 71, Manta 61
  • L racer:Manta 81, Manta 71, Manta 61
  • M racer:Manta 81, Manta 66, Manta 59
  • S racer:Manta 71, Manta 66, Manta 59







Ross Williams

“More range, with better glide and acceleration. For sure, the Mantas will impress our competitors when we land on top of the podium.”