Rookie ’17


  • High performance for kids
  • pro level PVC sandwich construction  
  • fast and easy


Kids want to rip. The Rookie is a shrunk down Da Curve. Of course, we had to make some changes to the shape so that it would work perfectly in such a small size. For example, we straightened the rocker to make it faster and easier to ride. And, we changed the stance to better fit a young person’s  legs.

The Rookie will help any windsurfing kid get better fast. With a PVC full sandwich construction, the Rookie is light enough to rip like a pro board and can also survive the flat landings that come from a day of training loops.



Construction « AST »

  • Rookie Freeride
  • Rookie Freeride L




Construction « PVC FULL SANDWICH HD »

  • Rookie Wave



Thomas Traversa

“If I had a board like this when I was growing up, I would have been world champion ten years ago!”

Bottom Line

Create excellence for your little ripper! A board that doesn’t have any limits and is not something your kid will outgrow. The perfect mix of what every light weight rider is looking for!