//Interview Ethan Westera- IFCA Slalom WORLD Champion 2017

Interview Ethan Westera- IFCA Slalom WORLD Champion 2017

JH – Big congratulations on your result at the IFCA worlds. How are you feeling?

EW – Thank you so much! This really means a lot to me. It still didn’t sink in. I knew I could always be there and that it happened just now is incredible. I felt so good with my equipment the 2 days that we raced and i just wanted it so bad that I gave it my all in every race! Feeling super stocked!

JH – There were certainly some big names on the PWA circuit who you were up against. Is this your first podium at this level?

EW – Yes there were some big names on the Event, but I don’t think this is my first podium at this level.. I got some podiums, but always 3rd or 2nd. I have to say this is the highest level I ever sailed in to get the win. Every race I need to be ON it and especially on the final. Giving it my all!


JH – How did you find the pressure leading into the final day?

EW – I didn’t have any pressure on the last day. I felt pretty relaxed and just ready for anything that will come my way. I had a such good day that I felt super relaxed with everything I did. I just felt so in the game that I was just going with the flow. I was super happy with the 1st place, but I would also be happy with a 2nd or 3rd.. hahaha I didn’t expect to get that number 1 spot.


JH – As we know in slalom, equipment is a huge part in performance. What were you using and how is it working?

EW – Yes that’s so true. That helped me so much.. I was so comfortable with all my gear and I knew exactly what to change on my equipment, so that I can perform better. I sailed all my sail sizes in this event from 9.3 down to 7.1. the first day of comp I used 9.3 Vapor with my 85 Tabou manta after my first heat I changed to 7.9 Vapor and my 71 Tabou manta, but then the wind died and I changed to my 8.6 Vapor and 85  Tabou manta which I sailed the final with and got a 3rd place. On the final race day I sailed on my 7.1 Vapor and 71 tabou manta. I sailed on all my boards F-HOT fins. They were flying out there!


JH – What was your training and preparation for the event?

EW – I didn’t have any special training for this event. After Costa Brava I was just so pissed and so hungry for some good sailing heats. That I gave it my all every day after Costa Brava to get better and start feeling better again. I sailed a few days in Holland and Competed in the Dutch nationals, which I got 2nd. I also had some relaxing days. I went to Texel a few days earlier to sail a bit and get to know the place a bit and that was it..


JH – What’s next for Ethan?

EW- Next for me is the 2nd stop of the Dutch nationals the 24th and 25th of June in Scheveningen and after that I will be heading back home after a really long time…. I will be competing at the Aruba Hi winds. A pretty known event. After that I will be heading to Fuerteventura for the PWA event. I will try to do whole tour this year. So yes a busy year for me.
Thanks JH for everything and thanks to everyone for the support!
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