Interview with Ross Williams – Congrats!

JH – Hi Ross, you must be completely stoked with a podium finish for the 2016 PWA Slalom tour!

RW – hi jamie, yes I am super happy to final podium for the year. It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s happened and it feels super.


JH – Tell us about your preparations and the training behind this years success?

RW – well, I have had a few injuries the past year that have not been easy to shake. I have not gone to the gym and hit the weights at all for the past 2 and a half years. Instead I focused more on tuning and sailing on my gear. Knowing when and what to take in any condition. And that’s it really. No time for anything else.


JH– Equipment tuning and performance plays a huge role in Slalom. How were the boards and sails performing this year?

RW – I think overall our equipment was very competitive. Yes it is the most important thing, but the sails and the boards are easy to sail and have a wide tuning range so it can suit most sailors styles. I am stoked to be riding for Tabou and Gaastra and I thank peter, fabien for the designing and Benny and cedric for the hours they put into testing the sails and the boards.


JH – You have spent some more time in Maui this year. You used to train with Matt and Kevin Pritchard with ‘The Team’, do you think the Maui training has made the difference?

RW – I think the biggest difference was being married and happy in life. When you are feeling positive andything is possible so I have to thank my wife for giving me my happiness back.


JH – What’s next for Ross Williams?

RW – hookipa wave sailing!!


JH – We wish you all the best for the upcoming winter training and look forward to you pushing for a world title in 2017!



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