AWT – Congrats Sarah Hauser!

JH: Hi Sarah, congratulations on your 2016 AWT title! How did you enjoy traveling and competing on the AWT tour this year

SH: It was awesome! Pistol River is a contrast of roughness and beauty, Baja is synonym of “escape”, Pacasmayo (Peru) is a wave wonderland and Maui is the Mecca of windsurfing. It was so much fun traveling to each one of these spots!


JH: Do you have any particular highlights?

SH: The 2016 Novenove Aloha Classic! This event was both an AWT and a PWA event, so we had a big fleet of women. I won the single elimination on a big gnarly day, I still can’t believe it! Then the waves dropped and Sarah-Quita did a big come back, she was on fire. I ended up with a 2nd place. It’s my best ranking on a PWA event so far!


JH: What boards were you using this year to compete with? As a lightweight rider, board size and shape must be very important..

SH: I was on a smaller version of the Da Curve during the entire year, and it worked everywhere: super windy onshore wind in Pistol River, super light offshore wind in Baja, soft waves in Peru, big powerful waves in Maui… I love that I can do everything with one board. It’s definitely cheaper and easier when I travel 🙂


JH: You’ve proved yourself as the AWT champion twice. Do you have any ambition to compete on the PWA world tour and go for the world title?

SH: I’ve participated in 3 PWA events, only the Aloha Classic because I live on Maui. I’d love to do the other events if I find a way to cover the cost of traveling all the way to Europe.

JH: You’ve been filming ‘Girl On Wave.’ Where are you in the process of finishing and launching the film. And for those that aren’t familiar with the movie can you give the readers an insight into the film?

SH: Girl on Wave is a sports documentary which tells my story, the story of a girl trying to make a career out of her passion. I hope it’ll give windsurfing some exposure and will get people stoked about fighting for their dreams. We filmed everything in 5k with RED cameras! So it looks insanely beautiful. I’m going to Phoenix for 2 weeks next month to finish the voice over. The movie should come out in the beginning of 2017!


JH: We’ve talked about the possibility of the PWA, your new movie, but what is your current goals for the winter and for 2017?

SH: Make money to travel and windsurf again in 2017 and get some more sessions at Jaws! I’m starting a Peahi Diary. I’ve got 4 sessions in it so far… 🙂


JH: Good luck for the year ahead and congratulations again on your successful 2016!



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