//PWA Poland – Indoor

PWA Poland – Indoor

Get here the Interview from Thomas Traversa (TT) by Jamie Hancock (JH)

JH: Hi Thomas, what an amazing few days! Tell me about your 24 hours since returning home from Poland.

TT: on sunday i left Poland and flew to Stuttgart where my girlfriend Sophia was waiting for me. After celebrating on saturday night in Warsaw with all the boys, we kind of celebrated my victory again here, as she was also super happy for me!

JH: Did you have any special preparation for the event or expectations?

TT: i didn’t prepare specially for the indoor event, it is actually very different from “normal” sailing! But i knew more or less what i was going to deal with, i knew which kind of jumps i wanted to go for. i was hoping to put on a good show and maybe get on that podium with a bit of luck!

JH: You competed in both freestyle and the jump in the pool. What equipment did you use for both of them?

TT: i used my new I.Q 4.5 in both disciplines, and it worked really well in giving me what i needed: compact feeling and fast acceleration! For the jumps i rode the Tabou 3s 86, as the rest of the team did, it is fast and easy so it was an obvious choice. In the freestyle competition i went for my good old Tabou 80L freestyle from 2006, it is such an easy board and perfect for old school moves.

JH: How did this event rate amongst say going to Maui and previous PWA contests?

TT: this event was very special, being the first indoor competition since 8 years, there was a lot of anticipation about it! Of course it is not what we train for all year long, but indoor competition is a classic part of windsurfing and having the chance to compete in this amazing stadium in front of over 20000 spectators is rare and priceless. For all these reasons this event is pretty much as important as any other PWA competition for me, and winning the jump competition is kind of a dream come true!

JH: What would you like the future for of indoor PWA events?

TT: i hope this was not just a one-time thing ! In a perfect world i would love to compete in Warsaw every year, and why not have another indoor event somewhere else! Indoor is all about  having fun and making a big show, it can only be good for windsurfing i guess.

JH: So you are a Storm Chasing Champion and you just finished 2nd place at the last PWA wave contest, not to mention you are now no.1 in the world, what now?

TT: i don’t know what is going on lately but i am kind of on a roll, so i just hope it keeps going like this! Because i start to get used to great results and i don’t really want it to stop too soon !! It is kind of funny cause in the last 2 years i started not to care too much about competition, i just want to sail good for myself… and my results keep getting better and better! Let s see how it goes for the rest of the year…

Congratulations Thomas!

If you want to see Thomas and the rest of the team at the Poland PWA event then follow this video!

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