Ingmar Daldorf


nameIngmar Daldorf
sail noNED-191
aboutI became addicted with the water and wind when I was 12 year-old. Together with my dad and 2 brothers, I was spending every weekend on the water. Started with freestyle and after a few rides on my dad's freeride equipment, I started to participate in slalom racing. And on my first competition I know slalom was my thing, I was super excited. So after I finished my building engineer study a few years ago, I had more time to train and travel to international events and became to make some results.
For next year I want to spend all of my free time on training, compete in the PWA tour and travel the wold.
career highlights2nd Dutch championship slalom 2016
12th PWA Hvide Sande 2016
11th PWA Sylt 2016
2nd Overall Dutch championship slalom 2015
4th Overall Eurocup 2015
7th Wolds IFCA Sylt 2015
2nd Europa championship slalom 2014
First planning session 2002
favourite sailsVapor
favourite boardManta
words to live byLive your life