Aleix Sanllehy Gonzalez


nameAleix Sanllehy Gonzalez
sail noCAT 555
aboutI started windsurfing as in my family they all practice this amazing sport.
Since the beginning i've been really close to my brother, we always sail together and push one each other, so that makes me start competing. He's a great windsurfer and always helped me in all aspects of life. So after I started training and competing at national and international level, I decided to make windsurfing my life.
At the age of 18 years old, I decided to move to the island of Gran Canaria - Pozo Izquierdo to reach my goal of becoming one of the best waves sailors in the world. Living in Canary Islands makes me able to keep training and chasing my dream.
career highlights2nd youth world champion IFCA, 16 overall PWA, Spanish champion
favourite sailsIQ 4,5
favourite boardDaCurve 86L
words to live byMy life windsurfing.. My passion the sea!! Enjoy life