Benjamin Bard Stevenot


nameBenjamin Bard Stevenot
sail no939
aboutNow working as an airline pilot in New Caledonia and on this amazing plane that is the Beechcraft 200, I still got the same passion of surfing, riding, carving and having fun in the waves, like when I am skateboarding in a concrete bowl… at the speed of life ! After writing and working as an editor for Wind Magazine, testing hundreds of boards for more than 15 years, I’m now a pure freerider each time I step on my board, either it’s on on my surf or my sailboard !! Enjoying each moment of life… on the water or in the air !
career highlights2nd Cabarete Classic 1992 (Pro Am Slalom), non stop traveling, wavesailing all around the world with my closest friends, discovering new spots since 25 years over ! And above all : I discovered the unique and amazing talent of Thomas « best world champion ever » Traversa, when he was only 11 years old, and gave him his first photo and then his first cover (13 years old !) in a magazine. So proud to be friend with this so gifted rider !!! Go Thomas !